School Library Systems

We are based in the North West and offer a friendly service.  We aim to keep the whole process of computersing your school library as simple as possible.

Well established

School Library Systems has been established since 1997. We have computerised school libraries throughout the North West and beyond. 

Offer complete package

We are an organisation that can offer the complete solution – automated library system, data take-on and labelling all in one package.

Abracadabra library system.

Abracadabra has been designed specifically for Primary schools and is not a cut-down version of a college or high school system.

What you should know

Computerising your library is not just about purchasing a piece of software for your computer.

If you ask anyone who has completed this process they will often describe the event as long and protracted and more difficult than was first realised.

The reason for this is simply the data take-on exercise is very time consuming and not that easy ('data take-on' is the typing in of the author, title and other book details onto your system, then Dewey classifying the books).

You are after all teachers and not librarians. This is why we at School Library Systems decided that providing schools with the software alone was only doing part of the job and we did not think this offered schools Best Value.

What we offer is a start to finish, 100% complete package – and no it does not cost the earth, in fact the whole package is competitively priced at below what many software suppliers charge for the computer software alone.  Alternatively try our 1 day special.


Simple, easy to use software, established over 12 years.

Search for books, issue & return,  reports, new stock and lots more.


  • Software
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Data take-on and more....

Excellent value

We think pound-for-pound you get a whole lot more for your money - software, installation, data take on, advice and guidance, training.


Comprehensive support.

We aim to respond within 24 hours.

Data retrieval service.

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