How It Works.

Not just library software.

Whilst you can purchase Abracadabra library software on its own, schools prefer to opt for our start to finish complete data take on services or the one day intensive training installation and training day.

Entering all your book details...

Schools will often underestimate the task of entering in all the data about the books in their library.  This task can take up to and more than 6 months. 

On-site expertise

Whilst we are on-site you are free to exploit our expertise in library computerisation.  As your library is ready in about 3 days the training you receive is ready to use immediatley. 

Abracadabra library system.

By keeping the software simple and focusing on the core day-to-day activities we have ensured it's easy to use.  Often, there is the temptation to keep adding feature after feature for no real reason - we chose not to follow this route.

“ A simple and effective library system which children can take charge of. Efficient, friendly back up support when needed. The children enjoy using the scanner and can't wait for their turn as librarian ”Mrs Heap, St Thomas Primary, Blackburn
“I like to see who has the book that I want so that I can ask them about it at playtime ”Pupil, St Thomas Primary, Blackburn
Overview of features
  • Abracadabra is child friendly
  • needs minimum teacher input
  • has a simple keyword search facility
  • library cards no longer required
  • makes the issue and discharge of books to children quick easy and reliable
  • excellent subject index - no need to remember dewey number
  • keeps history of current books issued and past loans
  • statistics and analysis reports
  • ability to withdraw items
  • labelling module to print out dewey spine labels
  • quick and easy data input facility to add new items to stock

  • Supported operating systems:
  • Windows 98 onwards
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Other please contact
  • Processor clock speed: 500Mhz up.
  • System memory: 64MB Ram up.
  • Disk space: 20 mb
  • Network ready so can run in a client/server
    (network) environment
Email and telephone support.
  • By email
  • By telephone through arranged time (via email)
  • We aim to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours
  • Annual support (after first year) is £79.00

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Simple, easy to use software, established over 12 years.

Search for books, issue & return,  reports, new stock and lots more.


  • Software
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Data take-on and more....

Excellent value

We think pound-for-pound you get a whole lot more for your money - software, installation, data take on, advice and guidance, training.


Comprehensive support.

We aim to respond within 24 hours.

Data retrieval service.

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