Software package only......£499

If you choose this option you will receive:

Abracadabra library system

Easy to use software that allows users to search for books, issue and return items, produce reports, withdraw items and add new stock.

Bar code scanner

Included is a Cipher lab bar code scanner to scan in your books.

6000 labels

We will provide 6000 labels made up of:

2000 'plasti-coated' hard wearing item labels

2000 (approx) white (dewey) spine labels

2000 clear plastic protective covers (for spine labels)


  • Cheapest option
  • May appeal if you are a librarian
    or have librarian experience

  • You install yourself
  • You have to enter in all books details
  • You need to classify books
  • Self-train
  • Miss out on S.L.S. on-site expertise
  • Could take up to 6 months to be ready
Final thoughts....
  • Our advice is not to choose this option (unless you have librarian experience and alot of time on your hands).

  • Data take-on process may well take up to 6 months (and more sometime) to enter in all your books details.

  • However we do appreciate schools's may have limited resources.... Our intensive one day training option could be a viable alternative.

  • You get so much more for your money and this may provide a half-way house between the 'software only' package and the more expensive Premium service.


Simple, easy to use software, established over 12 years

Search for books, issue & return, reports, new stock and lots more.


  • Software
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Data take-on and more....

Excellent value

We think pound-for-pound you get a whole lot more for your money - software, installation, data take on, advice and guidance, training.


Comprehensive support.

We aim to respond within 24 hours.

Data retrieval service.

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